What are the Types of Denver Window Tint You Can Install on Your Car? 

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Having your car tinted is a good accessory to add to your vehicle. It is not just for privacy but also for good for your health. For best result, you have to know the different types of window tint to install in your car. This is for you to find a window tint perfect for you. Denver Window Tint

There are four window tints you can choose from: 

  1. Dyed Film.

According to some Denver window tint companies, this is the very economical type of window tint. Even though the least expensive yet functional among others. The film is made by putting the dye between the top polyester coating and an adhesive layer.  

What are the advantages? 

  1. The dyed film creates the darkest and non-reflective effect.
  2. It reduces the rays of sunlight inside the car.
  3. The dye in the film absorbs solar heat which means lessening the heat entering the window.
  4. Gives some privacy to the passengers inside the car.
  5. It does not interfere with the radio waves. It means it won’t interfere to the in-glass antennae inside the car.

What are the disadvantages? 

  1. The black effect tends to fade over time.
  2. When not installed properly, bubble appearance will show in the window of your car.
  3. UV radiation can slowly break the dye causing it to turn into purple.


  1. Metalized film.

Like the first one, this type is also good keeping the heat away by reflecting it. The tint is made by very tiny metallic particles that are not visible to the eye. The metallic particles add strength to the window.  

What are the advantages? 

  1. Effective also from blocking UV radiation.
  2. This type does not fade away through time.
  3. The metalized particles add durability to the car window.
  4. Effective in blocking the heat. It reflects the heat away before entering the car.

What are the disadvantages? 

  1. It’s more expensive than the first one.
  2. It interferes with the radio waves. The film can block radio signal, phone signal, monitoring system inside the car and causes other problems.
  3. The metallic film has a shiny appearance because of the metal material.


  1. Carbon Film.

This window film type is matte-finished and dark which provides a good result of window appearance. It also does not contain any metal which is an issue when it comes to cell phones and radio inside the car. 

What are the advantages? 

  1. It blocks around 40% of infrared light.
  2. It is also effective in blocking heat with cooling effect inside the car.

What are the disadvantages? 

None so far listed.  


  1. Ceramic Film.

The most expensive and highest quality of car window tint. It contains non-metallic and non-conductive materials but instead a ceramic particle. It proves worth the money when it comes to reliability and performance.  

What are the advantages? 

  1. It blocks almost 50% heat from entering the car.
  2. Does not fade away through time.
  3. Very ideal for in-glass antennae because it allows radio waves from passing through it.
  4. It isn’t reflective, unlike metallic film.

What are the disadvantages? 

The only disadvantage of this type is the price. It’s very costly when it comes to window tinting.  


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