Looking for business opportunities in the dynamic and booming business environment of Shanghai can remain to be just a dream for many entrepreneurs. This unfortunate situation often results from a lack of information about the area or perhaps some reluctance in venturing out into the unknown. At Jumpstart we are aware that there are many hurdles to clear before your business can find success but the good news is that we are here to help you succeed. Our expertise in providing the best business office accommodation for you is proven and we invite you to experience it.

The issues that can confront your efforts

Starting a business branch or a completely new start-up in Shanghai can prove to be a daunting process. At first glance, it would appear the odds are against you when it comes to operate in a country with different customs, habits, business outlook and of course language. This is understandable but they are things that shouldn’t dampen your enthusiasm. Look at the bright side which is in having someone to lend you a helping hand, someone who can hand you the exact solution on a silver platter. Yes Jumpstart can provide you with the best serviced office accommodation that you won’t find anywhere else.

The impeccable service that we offer

Our services are impeccable because that’s the honest truth and we have the professionals at hand to prove it. Staff members we employ are totally professional with personal courtesy and ready smiles are standard practice done to show genuine friendliness and openness to our clients. That’s why our services are reputed to be the best in Shanghai. You will get first class treatment whether you are making your request at the counter or you wish to be shown the rooms with outstanding furnishings and amenities. Be assured you will be suitably impressed by what you see!

Out of this world furnishings and equipment

In Shanghai, you have a choice of serviced offices from our three business centres in the city. It is here that you will get first hand sight of the kind of superb furniture we have in store for our clients. Each furniture piece is custom made to fit the purpose for which it was intended. Their design is sleek and sturdy with colours that blend in with the décor and tone of each room. With us, client comfort is mandatory while freedom of movement in the room is top priority. Internet connection is world class with servers whirring and maintenance crew always on standby.

Contact us

There’s nothing missing when it comes to totally satisfying the needs of our clients. To personally experience it, ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 and we will make that experience a reality for you.