If you are one of the many aspiring business owners who are having difficulties in getting their business plans off the ground, then a serviced office is definitely for you!

Starting up a business is no walk in the park. Almost all actions at this stage will cost you money which would mean a huge chip off your business capital. But in order to get your business going, you are going to have to spend some cash for your business to take on a professional and successful image. Such image will help you attract clients and investors thereby making your business prosper. Time is also of the essence in starting up a business. The only solution to have a decent and professional office in an instant is to avail of a serviced office.

A serviced office at Jumpstart is a ready to go office which is already fully furnished and even comes with a great support team. Reception, secretarial services and phone and IT support are already included in the serviced office package rate. There is no need to worry about sourcing out candidates for these positions! The reception, phone support team and secretarial services are even multilingual – ensuring top of the line assistance and customer service to your clients worldwide.

Office essentials like a fast speed and reliable internet connection, printers, voice and video call conferencing equipments and even maintenance are already taken care of by Jumpstart. Jumpstart’s terms and conditions in the contract and serviced office package rates are highly flexible taking into account what your business needs and discarding those that are not needed.

Another advantage of having a serviced office is the location. Not only are these offices located in prime business districts in no less than Hong Kong, of all cities. Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Hong Kong are located in business center which means that meetings and conferences take little to no effort to prepare. Aside from serviced offices, Jumpstart also offers meeting rooms and conference rooms for your business needs. Forget about having to look for another location! All you need to do is to book a room for the event and everything will flow smoothly. Your clients and investors will be pleased with top of the line amenities, friendly reception service and complimentary tea and coffee.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Hong Kong are located in Wheelock House Central, Times Square Tower 2, Silvercord Tower 2 and Millennium City 5 (APM).