A virtual address is a great utility especially when you are at the early stages of the establishment of your business. Giving your business a specific address and a telephone number gives people a sense of your existence in the business arena. If you are running a home based business or a small time business, having a virtual office becomes all the more important, as developing an impressive reputation of your work among the possible customers will finally decide how much your business grows. Gone are the days of a permanent post office address as now people are keen to take the more efficient and cost effective, virtual office mode. The biggest advantage of having a virtual address is, you don’t have to pay much for it and therefore it serves as a perfect platform to kick-start your new project or business venture. Jumpstart ably understands the importance of cost and making a name for yourself at the start of any business and therefore they offer unprecedented virtual office areas in as many as 7 locations in Hong Kong at very affordable prices.

How is Jumpstart virtual office different form the rest?

Jumpstart is the undisputed market leader of virtual office services in Hong Kong and our success has been built on the highly professional and customer friendly approach we have employed in our working principles. Jumpstart works in a quick and efficient manner and all you need to do is provide us with the basic details of your business and rest assured, we will take care of all your mails, phone calls and other communication required to the growth of your business.

The biggest advantages that Jumpstart has are:-

1) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
2) Custom Package : Pick and pay for only the services that you require
3) Extended Office Hours – From 9am-7pm, no lunch break
4) 7 Quality Locations – Choose from 7 locations all over Hong Kong
5) Payment by Visa, MasterCard or PPS

The location of Jumpstart’s business centres is the perfect to kick-start and establishe any business activity or project. Facilities such as internet connection, desk workers for virtual office, hard working staff, conference area etc are provided additionally along with primary services in our business centre and you don’t even have to pay for these additional facilities.