Affordability is also very important to clients

Good business acumen does not only consist of the ability to provide super products and services. Despite their classy quality, the products and services that we offer at Jumpstart are highly affordable. This is not only fair to customers but is also attractive so it’s not only about making money, but also about offering the best kind of products and services at a realistically affordable price. At Jumpstart we are experts at using the ‘affordability’ approach to capture the attention and patronage of our established and potential customers.

The monthly charge is at the crux of everything

You may have learned something about monthly rentals or monthly instalments and may conclude that it’s similar to the way we charge our clients at Jumpstart. This is not the case because our charging method includes everything, Yes, everything with no add-ons or omissions. This means that for everything that you do in our Jumpstart serviced office in Shanghai (or any other office in a different location), we will charge you a monthly bill that includes all the cost elements. There’s no separate water bill, phone bill, drink or food bill. Nothing extra!

You pay for what you actually occupy and consume

Our monthly bill includes everything that we offer you for your sole use and we add nothing extra. This means that you are left to focus on your daily business concerns and how to make profits instead of worrying about that unusually tall billing you received last month and the next one coming next month. We know how precious time is in the business world and the less you think about them the more time you have to make a success of your business. So you can be sure of one thing, that once you move into your new office, you don’t worry about add-on fees period!

Front desk staff takes care of routine tasks

Another very important aspect of Jumpstart’s full understanding or how things function is in allocating tasks for staff at the front desks. Our professionals there are well-known for their acumen in public relations. They ought to as they’ve been involved in manning the front desk for us over many years. They are not only outstanding with their demeanour but are also multi-lingual for dealing with the different type of customers that may enter your front door. They are extremely skilled at doing reception and mail handling plus organize scheduled calls and meetings for your business. You or your staff can focus on more urgent matters rather than handle these routine tasks.

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