One of the most common questions that clients ask is where a business is located; therefore it is an advantage for a business to have an address in a prime location. Professionals at Jumpstart Business Centre ensure that a business owner is advised on the right services to attain in their virtual office for the smooth operation of their business.
Jumpstart Business Centre makes it possible for a home based business owner to create a great company image; furthermore the virtual office is open for more hours than a traditional office for better customer service.

A number of benefits can be acquired by hiring Jumpstart Business Centre’s virtual office services which include;

a) Impressive locations
Jumpstart Business Centres are located on three prime locations in Shanghai that a business owner can select from. Clients will be comfortable to do business with a company if they can get in touch with the business owner easily. Besides they will be happy to refer others if the company has a great image due to its location.

b) Top of the market IT system
All Jumpstart offices have the best IT systems to ensure that businesses emails of their clients are accessed fast and effectively by the highly qualified staff for more business proceeds.

c) Buy only what you need
A virtual office enables a business owner to only pay for needed services; therefore the running expenses of the company are minimal. Besides money back guarantee is on offer for the first thirty day if the virtual office is not satisfactory to the business owner. In addition free trials are allowed for a business owner to discover the benefits of having a virtual office.

d) Office runs in the absence of the business owner
A virtual office is very convenient as clients are taken care of by the highly trained staff in the virtual office even as the owner is occupied with other business issues at home.(Supervision of staff is not necessary). Customer concerns are addressed by the friendly staff as they have ample experience to ensure repeat business in the company

e) A business can start operating straight away
It may take a long time before a physical business opens its doors to its customers due to the work and supplies needed to have an office up and running. On the other hand a virtual office enables a business owner to start operating their business straight away as every office requirement is in place.

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