There are lot of things that one has to worry about before he/she starts a new business. How to earn profit, how to attract clients, how to provide superior services etc, but for starters, one of our biggest headache as a service provider or business operative is to make sure we get the right location to set up our office. With so many things to take care of, wouldn’t it be great to have a fully furnished and equipped serviced office ready to go?

Why should I choose Jumpstart for my serviced office in Shanghai?

Jumpstart understands the importance of having a premium workplace which is embedded with all the facilities required to aid the working of an organisation. That’s why we at Jumpstart offer a range of quality serviced offices in Shanghai at reasonable prices. We offer single monthly fee program, which includes additional inclusive services such as high speed internet, halls for meetings and don’t even need to pay for business handling activities like reception and mail handling as Jumpstart offers highly quipped and skilled front desk staff members for that purpose. Along with the trustworthy and qualitative service facilities that Jumpstart offers with its serviced offices, it also provides you with custom made packages so that you can choose only the services that you truly need without having to pay for the rest.

Further, Jumpstart gives you the flexibility of choosing any office of your own choice from the three locations that the company owns in Shanghai. All three locations offer premium services and have state of the art architecture ideally for a workplace. The three areas are:-

1) L’Avenue Serviced Office Shanghai: This luxurious work of art is extremely spacious and facilitates a workplace. The area can be customised according to your requirements.

2) For those who are looking for a location elsewhere providing similar facilities and architecture, we have our two other locations Central Plaza in Xintiandi and Wheelock Square in Jing An District, as great options.

All three locations are have been designed and developed with the customer’s needs in mind. We at Jumpstart have always believed and prioritized client’s interest over our own interest, which is the primary reason we have gained and kept so many proud and satisfied customers over the years.