Jumpstart has established permanent niches in Shanghai at 3 locations – Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and at L’Avenue Shanghai. Still, the company plans to extend its business presence in the city and strengthen its hold on the provision of virtual office accommodation in the city. Again the selection of the locations is classic. The sites chosen are all pulsating with business life, offering the most opportune locations for maximizing profits generated from the flow of people into the areas. Similar to its other virtual office locations in Hong Kong, these offices also offer excellent offices for businesses that need added boost to their operations.

Making the right choice

The ability to choose the type of services that a virtual office can offer for your own business, is critical for choosing a virtual office in Shanghai. At Jumpstart we pre-empt this kind of mentality. We choose the most advantageous and leverage inducing sites that will bolster your business by its centralized location. We can provide a solid address for your business and what’s more, our offices offer you a low-cost way of operating. We offer differently configured packages of virtual offices that will satisfy different needs business and again centrality is key. We can provide you with leveraging phone and fax numbers and if you desire mail and call handling, we are the best providers. Our internet connections are of the highest calibre and if you want more, we can supply it. The interest of your business our primary concern and we will ensure that you are given just the right type of virtual office to boost your business.


Perhaps the most important goal of any business is to obtain and consolidate its credibility to a more sophisticated and knowledgeable class of consumer. Our consumers of today are well versed in what makes a product credible and therefore the company that produces it. They will insist on checking out the validity of a business address and a registered phone number before taking the plunge and buy services or products. If you do not have these credentials to your business, you might as well not be in the running for starting up a business venture. But there is a solution! Jumpstart can provide you with these essentials and more! The obvious and common sense thing to do is to attach and partner yourself with Jumpstart in your business endeavour and Jumpstart’s credibility will do the rest.

Start up constraints

Starting up a business may well be your consuming ambition but you just don’t have the financial resources. What should you do? Obviously you cannot take out a mortgage or raise a loan from friends or family. One very attractive option is to let someone else build that office, man it with their own professional and competent staff, provide the excellent service you need and away you go! Of course you will have to pay for it but just think of the low cost and related benefits that accrue from a virtual office as compared to the hassle of setting up your own business premises. A virtual office is definitely the thing for you. But that is a choice you need to make for yourself and if your choice is for a virtual office you must do the next best thing.

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