Many consumers these days have become somewhat sophisticated in their approach to finding the best company to parley and trade with. At Jumpstart we’ve noted the way they look for good companies by checking out genuine business addresses and phone numbers. Unfortunately many company branches and start-up businesses are unable to start and develop a decent office to attract these basic search methods and therefore fail to entice clients. At Jumpstart, we offer the perfect solution with our virtual offices. Choose one and you’re set to go with no hassles and worries.

Right in the thick of it

The first bonus you get when you do opt for one of our virtual offices is you will find yourself in the middle of a business confluence of non-stop human and mechanical traffic. The address you choose will be known immediately resulting in rapid recognition and business deals. Incoming calls will start to filter through to your new phone. You don’t pay for your new virtual office but you instead hire a fully functional company to operate your business for you. It carries your business brand, address and phone number and functions as if you were there yourself. Fantastic don’t you think?

Ideal locations for business dealings

Our virtual offices in Shanghai is prime example of excellence we provide to aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs not to mention those in our other business centres. The locations are exactly where business enterprise is booming and great profits are made with the minimum of effort. All that is needed is the provision of fully staffed and fully furnished top class business premises with a well-known address venue and phone number. Jumpstart offers truly incomparable virtual offices at 3 prime locations in Shanghai for your business.

Excellent service offered

The professionals that service our virtual offices are quite something else. You see, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of recruiting staff. They are part and parcel of our virtual office offer. Each member of our staff knows exactly what is expected of them when a customer walks into the office building. They are multi-lingual so they can politely greet and lead customers inside. They are fluent communicators with the choicest of manners and etiquette when dealing with clients. They will expertly handle your mail, answer your calls or deal with your fax plus many more.

Contact us

There’s no better and easier way of getting your business known and visited than by opting for one of our virtual offices in Shanghai. Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 and find out for yourself.