What is a virtual office? A virtual office is an office that doesn’t require your physical presence but still functions as an office. It is the flexibility of having a prestigious address location, mail services and an off-site live communication while enjoying the significantly reduced cost is that makes a virtual office an appealing option. This is one of the best solutions for someone contemplating to branch out into other countries or someone who wants to start a business but lack the funds to set up a physical brick and mortar shop front location.

If you are looking to expand your businesses in China or thinking of starting one there, our Shanghai Virtual Office options are great for foreign startups. At Jumpstart, we have a wide variety of options that will portray a professional image and increase the level of confidence in your clients.

One of our newest and biggest locations is at L’Avenue Shanghai and because it is a combination of a luxurious futuristic mall and a top-notch office complex, having your business there will generate a considerably positive impression, thus improving the overall image and branding of your company. Our other locations are as impressive so you can be assured that you will get the same quality treatment and uplift of image to your company.

By engaging with us at Jumpstart, you will stand to gain the prestigious locations that we can offer you, inclusive of the highly trained multi-lingual staffs that are professional and friendly that will handle your business with the utmost priority without the exorbitant fees that may come with the setting up of a traditional company.

We provide three virtual office packages that cover most people’s needs. Address package is the simpliest option if business address is the only thing you need. Up one level is our communication package which includes address package plus phone and fax numbers together call answering and fax-to-email. Our top-end package, complete package, as the name implies has everything in it.

At Jumpstart, we have taken into consideration the concerns that you might have and catered our services according to your business. We do not just offer you a good solution to your company with our virtual office packages; we are also offering you assurance, trustworthiness, professionalism, and an overall peace of mind whenever you decide to engage with us. So, look no further, our services will help you attain an excellent and superior branding with your potential clients at a very affordable price. Visit us at www.theimagecache.com to learn more or contact us there and we promise an enjoyable partnership.