A virtual office gives a business owner the advantage of an address without renting a physical office. Professionals at Jumpstart Business Centre provide virtual office services for any type of business; therefore it is possible to start operating your business today from the comfort of your home. You are at liberty to choose the kind of services you want provided in your virtual office.

Some of the advantages of a virtual office include;

– More office hours

Professionals at Jumpstart Business Centre will have your virtual office operating for several hours that a tradition office could be closed; therefore your clients will have more access to your business products and services making profits for your company. Money back guarantee is promised if you are not happy with the services granted in your virtual office for the first 30 days; furthermore trial tests are given to help you decide if you need a virtual office.

– Advice on set up/ start operating straight away

Professionals at Jumpstart Business Centre will provide all the information you need to understand how a virtual office will work for your business. It is cheaper to operate this office since you will not be required to insure your staff or pay utility bills like a traditional office.

– More professional

Clients will be happy to do business with a company that has a physical address that they can reach; therefore setting up a Hong Kong virtual office at Jumpstart Business Centre will make your business more professional as you work from home. Business calls and emails are handled quickly and efficiently by highly qualified staff on stand-by.

– Several locations to choose from

Jumpstart Business Centre are located in seven prime areas in Hong Kong; therefore you have the privilege of choosing the desired office address to create a prestigious business image. A number of clients will only do business with a company if located in prime locations. This is a good investment for a home based business owner with limited capital.

– Easy to pay for services rendered

Payment for the use of Jumpstart Business Centre is easy and convenient through visa, MasterCard or PPS. Furthermore you only pay for the services provided; besides you do not pay for staff time off and can choose to pay months by months depending on the flow of your work. A virtual office gives you the flexibility of running multiple businesses from one office to cut out the expense of setting up single offices for every business.