What makes serviced office accommodation the best? There are many qualities involved but they can all be streamlined into four main categories – location, communications, design and layout and affordability. These inseparable criteria are the essence of every serviced office accommodation that Jumpstart offers to clients. It doesn’t matter whether the serviced office accommodation are located in London, Seoul, Hong Kong or Shanghai, they are all of world class quality.


The exotic panorama of the Asian landscape and environment is a perfect location for any business. The scenery is fabulous and the climate perfect for an away from home business haven. Jumpstart offers superb staffed serviced offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai that will give the needed boost to your business. In Hong Kong, all our serviced offices are conveniently placed in the most opportune places to take advantage of transportation networks and human traffic that generate very high demand for our offices. The time is now for you to own a superbly located office in any one of our Hong Kong business centers.


These days, internet communication is a must to have. Without it, no company in the world can prosper but success belongs to companies that have access to an excellent communications system. Jumpstart takes away the worry and bother of finding and installing such a system. It can install the best, latest and fastest internet connection there is on the market at very realistic costs. You can contact your home based office half way across the world in the flicker of an eye lash. Contact is fact and immediate with utmost care taken that no disruption occur during contact. Yes, at Jumpstart, we take meticulous care of our clients’ needs.


At Jumpstart we believe that the latest and most sophisticated serviced office anywhere doesn’t have to be expensive. When we price our serviced offices, we place the needs of our clients at the forefront and ensure they get excellent value for the price they pay. It is not all a matter of just attaching a price for the sake of gaining a healthy profit. Our prices are calculated so as to arrive at a realistic figure that reflects superb serviced office accommodation and the excellent range of service provided. Our price is the most realistic and highly competitive anywhere in the world.

Design and layout

Our serviced offices are known for their exquisite décor and elegance. We go to great lengths in our efforts to achieve a unique blend of design and style. Our dedication to the appearances of our serviced offices always mesmerises both veterans and newcomers to the world of serviced office accommodation. We never cease to surprise and inspire our clients with our innovative ingenuity in designing the layout of our offices. Our prowess in this field is known worldwide and we invite you to enjoy the thrill of it all! In Hong Kong, we offer a wide choice of serviced offices. We have impeccable offices at Wheelock House if you desire a central location on the island, The Times square Tower 2 for a seafront view, the enchanting Millennium City 5 business centre and the Silvercord Tower for a really magnificent view of the Hong Kong. They are now available on the ring tone, but you need to decide and act now as there’s no guarantee they will remain vacant.

Contact us

If you need a world class serviced office in Hong Kong, contact us now on +852 2961 4888 and we will show you what we can offer you.