Shanghai is another virtual office niche in which Jumpstart has established itself. The three main locations are the Wheelock Square in JingAn, the Central Plaza in LuWan near Xintiandi and the newest location at the L’Avenue Shanghai, at present one of the highest skyline features of the city. The expansion of company image and profile boosting can be done from these 3 sites at very low costs. Let’s have a look at what Shanghai offers in terms of virtual office usage.

Just the right location

The first thing to note is that the location of Shanghai is very important for Jumpstart in making its choice as to where to locate its virtual offices. In choosing the above 3 business centres to house its virtual offices, Jumpstart had perfectly sound reasons. It chose them not only because of their strategic locations in connection with business philosophy. It also chose the sites because they stand in and around the crossroads of human traffic, the right kind of technology available, profuse business development and thriving markets. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time.

The right kind of services

Business clients look for two things in particular. How to make a profit and how to keep their expenses down. These are the very basics of running a profitable business and one area that can help in this direction is the use of a virtual office. Why? It handles the most crucial part of business transactions and dealings – the flow of information. Some of the services a virtual office performs include:
? Mail handling: Every aspect of your mail is attended to. It is collected, marked, stored and can even be scanned (with your permission) for onward transmission to you wherever you may be.
? Call answering: You may be busy at a board meeting or attending to some other business but you need to be kept abreast of what is happening to your investments abroad or conversely, at home. An efficient answering system which a virtual office is geared to do is just the thing to do it.
? Fax handling: Processing information that arrive and are sent by fax daily in copious numbers would be a very daunting task for even the most enterprising businessman who goes it alone. Don’t be a hero but be a practical businessman who shares the load around.
? Top quality IT system: This is the crux of the system that serves the rest and without it nothing can be done as efficiently as expected. It facilitates the handling of mails, phone calls and faxes with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

The right kind of approach

Delegation can be a virtue and when you delegate to the professional services of a versatile virtual office, you will indeed become the hero because you will be doing exactly what should be done. And why should you harbour any reservations about professional services offered in a virtual office? The employed personnel are all professionals who know how to behave in front of clients. They are friendly, courteous and pleasant of manner and speech. To top it all up, they are also bi-lingual so the problems of translations and repetitive inefficiency is done away with.

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