The alluring night time skyline of Hong Kong is just one reason why many businesses are flocking to the tiny island of a mere one thousand square kilometres to set up their branch or main businesses there. It is definitely an important and thriving financial centre, served by a free port and many other advantages. If you have an ambition of setting up business in Hong Kong, you need to know a few things before you embark on it.

Daunting but not impossible

There is little doubt that within the intricate and complex social milieu that exists in Hong Kong, procedures and processes for setting up a business are bound to become complicated and cumbersome, and they are, but they are not insurmountable. The most important leverage a start-up business needs in Hong Kong is in having a sponsor that can vouch for the authenticity and reliability of your company. A sponsor must hold an undisputed reputation and therefore an unchallenged punch line in support of your business. Having a well-established sponsor is critical to the success of your business and Jumpstart can provide you with that edge.

Business culture is very important

Once you obtain the support of a reliable sponsor, the next hurdle to clear will be the need to know and understand the business culture practiced in Hong Kong. A newcomer must develop a network of ties and relationships with both foreign and local business communities with more emphasis in knowing local businesses and their owners. If you want to succeed you must learn all that you need to know about how people think and how they do things on this small island. You must know how they think, what they prefer, their priorities, needs and wants. Jumpstart can help you acclimatize yourself with Hong Kong’s business culture and help you along a path of success in your line of business.

The 3 P’s – plan, patience and perseverance

Success cannot be attained without a realistic and carefully prepared business plan. A thoroughly compiled business plan will provide you with a blueprint of where and how you should conduct your business. It will help you choose which type of business you can engage in; whether you should establish a new business or invest money in an existing business. Local support for your business is very important and it will take time to develop. You need to learn their traditional culture and customs but best of all, you must learn their language so you have a working understanding of their language.

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There is no other entity that fits the above description for a good sponsor that Jumpstart. We are well established and we know how to give you the support you need to establish your business. Ring us now on +852 2961 4899 and we will go into motion and assist you set up your business in Hong Kong.