At Jumpstart we believe in creating and following a logical approach to company formation and we’ve been privy to many such formations. Of course the obvious first step is to find the best location for your business and at Jumpstart we know that no other ready-made and ready to operate office is as perfectly located as our 7 business centres in Hong Kong. They are congenial, superbly equipped and extremely affordable.

The perfect company name

Once you’ve identified the location of your business, a perfect name for your company would be the next logical step. There are no binding obligations so you may opt to use an adaptation of your parent company, create a new name either in Chinese or English, or even opt to adopt a family name. It doesn’t really matter as long as it does not replicate an existing name listed in the Registrar of Companies. If your chosen company name is similar to another company name it won’t be possible to register it.

The preferred structure

It would be logical and wise to go with the flow and register as a limited company like most of the registered companies now operating in Hong Kong. The company must have a natural person as director and a company secretary who must reside in Hong Kong. A director of a company can be the sole shareholder and are not required by law to be residents of Hong Kong.

Incorporating your business

This requirement goes hand in hand with the registration of your company and there are fees involved. For successful incorporation, an incorporation form must be filled in and submitted with a copy of the company’s Articles of Association along with a notice of registration for the Business Registration Office. Different fees apply for the different types of certificates that are issued for different costs applicable for different timeframes.

Banking your hard earned profits

This follows on logically after you have registered and incorporated your business. The reason is you will need the documents for your bank account application. To qualify as a bank customer in Hong Kong, you must deposit an amount required by the bank of your choice. The deposit amounts vary from bank to bank, so it would be wise to shop around and find the bank that suits your preference.

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