In this modern day an age, the availability of just the right kind of office accommodation for flagships of popular brands and corporations is a prerequisite. Jumpstart is a company that knows just about everything there is to know about providing the right kind of office accommodation. It has established a professional presence in Shanghai, one of the most active business hubs in all of Asia, at 3 principal sites.

But why choose Jumpstart?

No doubt many companies also engage in providing office accommodation to other well-known brands and corporations, but none can match the versatility and enterprise of Jumpstart. For starters, it has established itself firmly in Shanghai, with available office facilities on offer for any potential users. It has arranged perfectly customized service packages that can meet the selected needs of clients. The services it offers are totally dependable with high quality facilities to match.

Jumpstart can even provide special facilities and services for clients with tight budgets. One strategy is to rent out its offices at a convenient monthly service fee that includes everything you require. There are no other hidden or in-built monthly charges and when you move in and start using your office floor space, there are absolutely no additional fees levied against you bank account. To top it off, there are no monthly phone charges; absolutely nothing extra. Everything is included in the realistic monthly charge that Jumpstart has set as the monthly rent and in return you get to experience the comfort and services that only a Jumpstart can give.

Jumpstart staffing is part of the deal

Jumpstart realizes that office accommodation provided on its own without being staffed can prove very inconvenient to clients who cannot uproot from their original location to a new one with all their staff. To pre-empt this setback, Jumpstart also provides highly professional staff of its own who offer services like manning and performing the front desk and answering phone calls, gathering and distributing information and mail. They are professionals with the right kind of etiquette, poise and business parlance that form part of the daily routine. They are versatile with multi-lingual abilities to deal with any international customers who come into the front door or place messages from abroad.

Making you choice

For getting involved in business dealings in Shanghai, Jumpstart offers you the choice of three very suitable sites you can choose from for making a start. For starters, there’s the L’Avenue Serviced Office, a grand looking building that house top working facilities to cater for any type of business. Different types of facilities are available at the other 2 locations at Wheelock Square and Central Plaza in Xintiandi which also feature service packages to cater for different office needs for serviced offices.

Contact us

Whatever your needs are in office accommodation, Jumpstart is just one jump ahead of competitors and will go the extra mile in providing you not only the office accommodation, but also services that will complement it. Contact us on +8621 6157 5157 and find out more!