Our serviced offices in Shanghai are no illusions. They are very real but we do not sit on our laurels and laud over our successes. Far from it because we know that business is all about competition and we intend to excel ourselves in offering nothing but the best to our clients. We are proud to have attained a level of excellence in our serviced offices in Shanghai and if you want to see for yourself what we have to offer, be our guest.

The magnificent flagship

At Jumpstart we are truly elated at the opening of our business centre in Shanghai at Wheelock Square. Yes, you got that one right, on Mainland China and it’s only the start of planned expansion in that country. Again, we have taken the initiative in selecting the most advantageous site where business is booming and demand for serviced offices is spiralling. Enquiries are coming in fast and make no mistake. Our serviced offices in this fabulous flagship will continue to attract clients like a magnet and indications are that all available office space will be occupied very quickly. Make contact now and tell us of your plans.

Flawless design

The Wheelock Square business centre is not only the highest building in the Puxi area of Shanghai, but is is also impeccably designed by the famous builders, Khon Perderson Fox Associates. They are simply the best and their architectural finesse has resulted in a magnificent building that reaches a height of 270 meters and houses some of the most delightful serviced offices ever to be assembled, by Jumpstart of course! While the building itself is of an impeccable class of its own, the elegant design and layout of the serviced offices within makes one gasp with delight and total satisfaction. No doubt you will experience the same exhilarating feeling.


At Jumpstart we know our logistics and centrality was our first priority in selecting the location for our flagship. Our Wheelock Square offices are in the center of town and we know that here is where the business pulse starts and reverberates throughout the land beckoning and calling to business interest from afar. Even the nearby temples beckon to entice people from far away to converge on this central part of the city. We are also beckoning you to come and we advise you to act now while floor space for serviced offices is abundant. Be warned however that the call of the orient is strong and many will stake their claims to occupy our serviced offices. We are absolutely certain about this and we invite you now to make a choice on the type of serviced office that suits your needs.

Contact us

Do not hesitate but ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 and we will provide you with what you need.