Business is not only about being successful at doing business deals, though it is an important ingredient for success. At Jumpstart our experiences have led us to believe that starting quicker especially in the Shanghai business environment is the most critical aspect of doing business in the city. If for instant you choose to set up your own offices you stand to lose the chance of a quick start in your business. You’d be doing the best for your business if you choose one of our top class serviced offices.

Not enough capital to start the business

If you don’t have the capital you need to set yourself up you needn’t worry. There’s no upfront capital expenditure to have a top class office ready for your business operations. The costs of our offices are all inclusive in a monthly payment that’s been fairly calculated to include all the types of costs that you incur when you choose to use one of our serviced offices. This means that you only need to pay the first monthly payment in order to occupy the office and start your business.

All Offices are meticulously fitted for business

The serviced offices at Jumpstart mean exactly that. They are all fully staffed so you don’t have to worry about who to engage. You don’t need to conduct interviews and calculate emoluments for engaged staff. All the furniture have been supplied and put in place, the walls painted, fixtures placed correctly for added attraction, the front counter manned and ready. The meeting room has been set and decked with needed tech equipment and the internet fully functional. All ready to go!

We deliver the goods you deliver the decision to enter

As an established and trusted provider of first class office accommodation in Shanghai, it would be to your personal gain if you choose us. Why? We have a proven track record of reliability and excellence and many clients can vouch for our performance. We don’t beat around the bush but instead we deliver to you the very best in office accommodation. All we ask in return is that you simply honour your first month’s payment that will allow you to enter, occupy and start up your business.

Contact us

It’s very simple to make contact with us. Simply call us on (8621) 6157 5157 for our free quote or email [email protected] and leave the rest to us.