On a busy island like Hong Kong where a profusion of discussions, negotiations and business deals and made practically every day, there is always a need for a quiet and secure place for holding meetings or conferences. At Jumpstart, we know this to be true and hence the reason why we have added meeting rooms to our array of serviced and virtual offices housed in our business centres. Again, we correctly anticipated the needs of a continuously growing business community and we can now offer our clients the very best meeting rooms for their use.

No more problems for a meeting venue

With our meeting rooms permanently in place at over seven premium locations, there is no longer any problem in finding a suitable venue for your meetings. Our meeting rooms are superbly fitted with the latest equipment alongside a fully furnished setting that simply exudes elegance and overall décor. One glance will tell you that the rooms have been given meticulous care and attention to reach this state of perfection and they are truly perfect in every sense of the word. The furniture is perfect of style and so is the lighting with its subdued brightness easy on the eyes.

Driving home a point is made simple

Are your participants really worried about some issues and they need to express them with a measure of clarity and force? With our meeting rooms that’s no issue at all. Placed all around the room are blackboards and whiteboards all equipped with the needed writing instruments from chalk to permanent and erasable markers. Everything is literally at their fingertips that will help them drive home their point with ease and confidence and embed them in the minds of their audience. If they need more convincing, a wide TV screen is always at the ready for explaining the points more clearly.

Thirst can be easily quenched

We also anticipated the possibility of thirst creeping into the meeting rooms and making participants fidgety and unrelaxed. Our solution is sweet and simple with the presence of attendants who will come around at designated intervals and provide your colleagues with suitably cold refreshments and if they want a light bite, that can also be arranged. At Jumpstart we try our best to stay ahead of our client needs and to provide them with whatever needs they require during their conferencing. Presenters have no problems with our top of the line conferencing systems as well as voice conferencing.

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