Have you ever imagined yourself playing a game of tennis thousands of miles away from Shanghai while your business is being looked after by the staff of our virtual office right in the middle of the city? It can be a very profitable reality if you choose one of our virtual offices as a focal point of your mail, phone calls, voice mail and a host of many other services not to mention the provision of a specific address that will boost the name of your brand. A Jumpstart virtual office will also help our business grow with the assistance of our professionals.

The virtual services we can offer you – the virtual office space

There is a myriad of services that we can provide for the needs of your business, however there are several fundamental services provided by our virtual offices that you would be unwise to ignore.
We can provide at very affordable costs virtual office space that will give you the opportunity of having a reputable top profile address in a city of your choice. The availability of the office space is gained at the fraction of the cost of either buying or renting an office for the privilege of having such an address.

A professional address for your business

Jumpstart can provide its prestigious building that can be used as the business address for your company or business. This professional service is one that we provide our customers giving them a totally professional service that distinguishes it from a home based business that lacks the security of operations ensured by the former. The flexibility of the method enables the user to extend outwards into new markets by using Jumpstart as a vehicle for expansion using the different virtual offices located in different areas of the city.

The convenience of a mailing address

At Jumpstart we can even provide your business with a mailing address to facilitate the smooth flow of mail and information on your behalf. The address can be utilized to accept, despatch or forward mail without the use of a PO Box address. This means that you don’t need to worry about the handling of your mail as it can be processed by staff of our virtual office with total efficiency and confidentiality for you. What is important is that our virtual office staff will always make you aware of the nature of the information that has been channelled through our office on your behalf.

Contact us

If you really want to use the services of our virtual office, simply ring us on +8621 6157 5157 for a free quote and we will provide you with the type of virtual services you need.