If you are planning to set up an office in Shanghai, consider getting a Jumpstart serviced office in Wheelock Square. Wheelock Square is located in Nanjing West Road, Puxi, Shanghai and in one of the busiest business districts in the already buzzing city. The Wheelock Square building itself has garnered massive attention and gained loads of fans for its outstanding design in a whooping 270 meter height. It has been a popular A grade business and office building among businesses in Shanghai and even among foreign based businesses ever since it was erected. Its prime and accessible location has also enticed lots of businesses to covet office areas in the building. Wheelock Square is pretty much accessible – situated near the Subway Line 2 and 7. This saves prospect and current clients and customers from being lost and thereby making business transactions and deals a whole lot easier.

Jumpstart’s serviced office in Wheelock Square, just like its other serviced offices located across Shanghai is fully equipped with everything your business may need. Each serviced office is equipped with a state of the art telecommunication system ready for use. You will never have to worry of setting up everything by yourself and starting from scratch. Each serviced office is also provided with fast and very reliable internet connection to conduct business deals, transactions and mail correspondence online. When it comes to office furnishing, Jumpstart only has the best line in each serviced office in the form of Neo Suites. Jumpstart’s Neo Suites have been imported from Hong Kong and are famous for increasing productivity and work efficiency in the office. Even the way work desks, chairs, tables and all other devices and equipments to be used are thoroughly researched to be highly conducive for increased productivity and work efficiency. Serviced offices at Jumpstart are also provided with a highly trained front desk staff. Our front desk staff is professional and bilingual. This makes international and foreign business transactions easier to deal with. Imagine the cost of having to hire a separate professional to do the job for you! Another advantage of Jumpstart’s serviced offices is their all inclusive fees. The fees set forth by the contract are all in and contain no hidden and extra charges that will not only catch you off guard but your budget too! Aside from Wheelock Square, Jumpstart also has serviced offices in Central Plaza and L’Avenue.