One of the most exhilarating feelings you can experience is to own and operate a business somewhere in Shanghai. Here, the lure of the enchanting Orient has been calling since early times and it keeps getting stronger. Because of commercial development over the years, Shanghai has become not only the foremost city of all China but to some analysts, it has also become the wealthiest city in the world. Now to be somewhere within the midst of this pulsating confluence of human and economic traffic is a must and that’s exactly where Jumpstart is right now!

Perfect business centre locations

It took us many long and arduous years to be where we are right now and during that time, we have secured premium locations for our virtual offices. In Shanghai, we’re right in mid-traffic on the ground and in the lofty heights of Puxi Shanghai, the tallest building there is in that part of the city. For classic placement in the middle of a fast flowing highway, we have Central Plaza located on the Huai Hai Middle Road. We’re going higher still with our L’Avenue Shanghai business centre, a unique dress like building with spacious and exquisitely furnished virtual office.

Efficient service

If you are thinking that our virtual offices in Shanghai only focus on premium location think again as the main reason for these ideal placements was to provide first class services to our customers and we serve out only the best services in the city. If you desire a personal mailing address to pinpoint the exact location of your business, we can provide it. If you want you mails to be meticulously monitored, stored or replied to, we can also arrange for our professional receptionists to handle them. Incoming phone calls that appraise and update you on the latest business trends and events can be handled by our competent staff. We can handle your fax needs and many more.

The best staff anywhere

Employees we appoint to perform specific duties and jobs in our virtual offices are the best in the business. They do not only look professional in their immaculate attire, they are experts to the core. They are meticulous, courteous, friendly and extremely polite to our customers and above all they are multi-lingual, the very reason why we are placed at the apex of the office accommodation business. Augmenting our impeccable staffing proficiency is our unmatched IT system that our professionals use for satisfying our customers. The system effectively handles all you calls, mail, faxes with precision and speed.

Contact us

You will not find virtual offices in Shanghai that will measure up to any one of our virtual offices and we can certainly make one available for you. Call us now on +8621 6157 5157 and start raking in the profits ahead of your competitors.