Things were never easy for us at Jumpstart to get where we are now. We had to clear a lot of hurdles and of course the very first was not having somewhere to operate from. This would also be your first hurdle and one that you need to clear fairly quickly if you are to get a foothold in your business niche. Whether in Shanghai or Hong Kong, you need a ready-made, efficient, fully furnished and fully equipped office from where to operate. We can provide you with this critical asset in one of our business centres in Hong Kong.

The language barrier

To be provided with an office in Hong Kong would be the smartest move you can make if you are just starting up your business or starting a branch of the main business back home. The important thing is not to be constrained but to be free to move about and get things started. This is easier to do in Hong Kong as most of the people here can understand and speak English fairly fluently. But it’s crucial that you find a way of getting office space so you can start trading and making profits. The best way of doing that is to contact us for an appointment to discuss your situations and a solution to it.

Classical serviced offices

Just to let you know that we are not beating around the bush when we talk about having an office from which to operate. This is the central pivotal point from where you can look around and expand. We can supply you with a first class serviced office at a very affordable totally inclusive monthly rate. We can provide an office that is embellished with the most enticing colours and pert design, world class communication systems and conferencing facilities and a multi-lingual staff. Also available with this offer are exceedingly pleasant meeting rooms where you can hold meetings while our professional office employees share out the refreshments.

Total satisfaction for launching your venture

If we have learnt a lesson in all our years of providing colossal offices to customers, it is that a fully operational and very affordable serviced office is all that a new operator needs to start off on the right foot and get where they want to go. Obviously that destination is success and that’s exactly why we are here. To help you clear your first hurdle and launch your venture to heights you’ve never known before.

Contact us

So why hesitate? Ring us now on +852 2961 4888 and we’ll have you travelling along the road to success much earlier than you think.