In today’s business world, there are many enterprises that are just starting out on a very long but exciting journey. Sometimes it can also be a daunting venture rife with pitfalls with many businesses failing because they lack the right kind of assistance. At Jumpstart, we provide excellent virtual offices that can provide help to new business start-ups. In Shanghai, we have established our presence at three very conspicuous centres at Wheelock Square in Jing An, the Central Paza in Xin Tian Di and last but most impressive of all in the L’Avenue Shanghai in Hong Qiao.

The newest and tallest building

To be seen is to raise your head up high and be conspicuous in the midst of all the competition and that’s exactly what Jumpstart has done in Shanghai. Our niche in the Wheelock Square is indeed high up the building itself being the tallest and newest building in the block. Everything about the building has an aura of the modern and the daring in its bold ascendancy upwards altering the Shanghai skyline with its bluish hue that matches the colour of the sky beyond. Wheelock Square is a truly spectacular home for Jumpstart and one that we revere and on which our customers and visitors lavish praise.

A unique blend of the traditional and modern

Jumpstart’s virtual offices in the Central Plaza is equally worthy of praise with a location that is unmatched anywhere in China. It is located smack in the middle of the Xintiandi area which features some of the most impressive architectural buildings in all of Shanghai. The historical landscape is interspersed at frequent intervals by more modern shops and restaurants that provide a favourite haunt for many expats and foreigners. Its location also takes advantage of the Huai Hai Middle Road where transportation is easily available. It lies in close proximity to direct subway entrance and taxis are literally everywhere to be found.

The biggest of them all

Jumpstart is the proud owner of the largest and most magnificent business centre in the whole of Shanghai. The building features a fashionable appearance that resembles a dress which is easily discernible from a distance. The inside of the building is decked with luxury brands of every description and make including famous brands such as Dior, Fendi, De Beers, Louis Vuitton and other famous names. Our virtual offices are just too good to be missed and should harbour any desire to use one in one of our 3 business centres it is very simple to make your wish come true.

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