No matter where you are in the world, any mention of the Orient, whether on the radio, television or your own PC monitoring screen, something always clicks in the mind. The listener or viewer automatically thinks of far way Shanghai and Hong Kong, Japan or Korea. Your mind conjures up scenes of exotic panoramic scenery. Even more, your mind will be flooded with images of thriving and booming businesses, of the huge demand, low costs and high profits. We at Jumpstart knew these things all along and that’s why we have taken the plunge and established our presence in the Orient.

Caught up in the exciting race

We were so caught up in the exhilarating and exciting pace of it all that in Shanghai alone, we’ve established 3 totally magnificent business centres. In these business centres you will find nothing but the best ultra-modern serviced offices you can find anywhere. Each of our offices is fully furnished, fully staffed with telecom gadgetry something to see and experience. If you fancy excellent serviced offices decked out with the latest equipment for audio and video conferencing, we can supply it for you. We can supply professional office staff, extremely well comfortable rooms with partitioning to ensure privacy, exquisite furniture, meeting rooms and anything you need.

Forget about an office start up

Can you just imagine how inconvenient, stressful and worrying it is to start up an office in Shanghai? You’d have to get involved in a whole series of negotiations and pore through thick piles of paperwork; you’d definitely need to hire a translator, negotiate with a land or property owner, hire an estate agent, pay fees and many more. It may well be that the enchanting call of the Orient may turn out to be a ‘pack up and leave’ call instead. Be prudent and wise and take what has been prepared for you and choose one of our magnificent, well-designed, well-equipped and truly world class serviced offices in Shanghai. All you need to do is pay an all-inclusive monthly fee and everything is yours for the taking. Try us and see how relived and fortunate you’ll be.

Why Jumpstart instead of other office providers?

This is a normal and sensible question to ask and our reply to it is equally sensible and full of business common sense all enshrined in just a few words – established, reputation, quality and price. We established our centres after careful and meticulous appraisals and studies; our reputation as a property oriented business is sound and untarnished throughout the Oriental market; the quality of our products is world class in very sense of the word; our products are provided at very affordable prices to our customers. You will find this combination a rarity in other companies. We are extremely confident of our products and we are prepared to back it up not only with words but also in deed. All you need to do is to find out for yourself.

Contact us

Do you fancy occupying one of our serviced offices in Shanghai? Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157.