The mention of Shanghai brings to mind famous names like Beijing and Macau that boast fantastic traditions and histories and also recalls equally mysterious and exotic tales about this enchanting city of millions. Of old, Shanghai was also engrossed in high tales, but now it is renowned as a throbbing business hub where you can make millions if your play your cards right. To help ensure that you do, Jumpstart beckons you to sample its excellent service in providing superb serviced offices to get you started at one of our 3 business centres in Shanghai.

The first foot forward must be the correct one

Let’s say you want to extend your horizons and the best way is to select a throbbing, vibrant and exciting business hub where demand works like clockwork. Shanghai is a city of millions and its history is full of high tales of piracy and intrigue but from this quagmire, colossal business buildings and entities have emerged that today form the hub of business life in this pulsating city. To enter is no simpleton’s task. You must have the funds, business acumen, determination and commitment but above all you must have contacts. We can help you take your first step in the right direction.

The right contact is everything

You may have lived in a city all your life but don’t fool yourself, cities are not the same and languages differ, traditional customs are opposites most of the time aside from common courtesy. Even real estate ownership practices don’t agree. You say to yourself there’s a missing link and you’d be dead right. The missing link is you have no contact. You don’t know anybody, not the language, the custom, the environment, the chopsticks. Nothing! You need someone who can help you and at Jumpstart we are the right kind and perhaps the only people to give it.

Don’t be na?ve

To be na?ve in a busy, bustling and throbbing environment where everything is done with meticulous precision and speed, is tantamount to suicide and that’s putting it mildly. Many have been ruined because they just cannot keep up with the pace of this business haven. But you can trust us at Jumpstart and we’ll give you a head start that you never thought was possible. Yes, we know the ropes because we’ve been here for a long time and we will help you move into this fantastic city of business that can offer you so much. We will help you start out by providing you with a fabulous serviced office from where you can continue along the rest of your business journey.

Contact us

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