Many clients have benefited greatly from the way we provide them with the best serviced office accommodation for starting their business in China. At Jumpstart we provide clients with the best in location, internet connections, equipment, furnishings and amenities not to mention the fully furnished and staffed serviced offices in our different business centres. Our 3 prime locations in China explode with business activity from a fraction of the country’s billion population and we are thinking of moving further afield into other urban centres.

A start up business is a perfect starting point

Moving to China for business reasons is not an easy decision to make. We all hear about hefty profits some entrepreneurs have made from their businesses in China, and we automatically think of the gold stack we will likewise reap. A start up business with some established operator in China is the best way to start. We’ve been on the ground in Shanghai now for many years and we can help you get started from the very beginning. Here’s sound advice. If you are moving to Shanghai where we’re situated, contact us and tell us all about your plans and we will prepare the groundworks.

The ideal location for a business start-up

Shanghai is a veteran business environment which operates at a frantic pace where only the most active and competitive entrepreneurs make it. There’s no more perfect business environment than Shanghai but the quicker you are able to start trading the better. The only way to achieve this ability is to depend on someone else like us who know the ropes. We’ve been operating in Shanghai for many years and we know everything about starting and building a business from scratch. We’ve helped many start-up businesses succeed and your business will be no different.

A solid combination of experience and expertise

You can never beat a solid combination of experience and expertise when it comes to help a business start-up. With our experience we can help you solve you location issue and many other concerns and we will provide you with expert advice on how to proceed in Shanghai and how to profit from your business. We will also provide you with the best serviced office you’ve ever owned or operated along with front desk attendants that are totally professional and efficient. Our expertise will also furnish you with world class internet connection and other products and services.

Contact us

Shanghai can offer you the chance of a lifetime and with our help we can transform that wish become and reality. Ring us now on (8621) 6157-5157 for our free quote.