You’d have to be really exceptional to tout a brand that is the best provider of office accommodation anywhere. But that’s exactly what we are at Jumpstart. We are simply the best and we don’t just say so for the sake of it but we back it up with genuine and hard earned experience plus an impeccable track record. There’s no other office accommodation provider that knows Shanghai like we do. Why do we say that? Well, because we have 3 premium location sites that are unmatched for elegance, perfection and efficiency.

Don’t start on the wrong foot

One thing we learnt from our many years of involvement in the office accommodation business is that making the very first decision is of ultimate importance. To make the wrong decision on your own turf can be bad enough but starting off on the wrong foot in a completely strange country can be disastrous for you success. Just imagine the complications when you decide to start a business in Shanghai on your own; where you hardly know anyone; where you don’t know the laws and you don’t know the language! Think again and look around for people who know.

Be smart and seek help from the experts

At Jumpstart we pride ourselves on being the connoisseurs of office accommodation. We know exactly what is needed; we know where it is needed and how to go about satisfying that need. Just tell us the type of business you want to be involved in and we will go to work in providing you with the ideal location and office set up for your type of business. We will select an office accommodation for you that will boost your sales and profits the minute you start. We know we can do it because we’ve helped others in the same predicament as you are in.

We are professionals with unmatched expertise

Our staff is impeccably trained, they are expert at communicating and interacting with customers, their attire perfectly matches the type of role they are required to perform within the company. They are articulate, debonair and professional in approach and manner and have been the cornerstone of our success through the years. Every single one of our serviced offices is fully furnished with room designs that will dazzle your imagination. We have rooms fitted out for just about any type of business activity that will allow your business to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Contact us

Simply ring us on +8621 6157 5157 and witness the speed and efficiency when we go into motion in preparing just the right type of office for you.