Along with the advent of modern technology is the undeniably pronounced journey of businesses into the virtual world. Today, having an office does not necessarily mean being present in such office physically. Having an office could also mean having a virtual one – one that has proven to be quite advantageous compared to the traditional set up.

A virtual office is technically an office that only exists online or in cyberspace. This type of office set up permits business owners and employees to work from any location but still “meet up” and communicate through making use of the internet and other lines of communication like telephones or mobile phones. A virtual office works just like a traditional office set up with employees working together, communicating with each other and sending each other files and other important documents. The only difference is that these employees do all these tasks online or through cyberspace. The idea may seem quite odd at first but having a virtual office does have several advantages over the traditional office set up.

When one works in a virtual office, there is lesser stress in trying to manage one’s employees. There will be no need for employees to commute to get to the workplace or for the boss to track them down one by one – making sure of their presence. One simply has to go online to do all of these tasks making traffic jam problem a thing of the past. Another advantage of a virtual office is the minimal cost of running it. At Jumpstart, a virtual office in Shanghai comes in four packages namely the address package, the communication package, the complete package and of course, to suit all of your business needs, the custom package. Each of these packages comes in low all-in rates which will save a good amount of dollars compared to renting an office space in Shanghai.

Virtual offices are also the solution for business owners who are planning to run more than one company or business enterprise. Instead of having several offices for each type of business, one simply has to dedicate another phone line and put up another website for the other business and it is all set! Having to purchase another set of office equipment and furniture is definitely not needed in a virtual office set up!

Jumpstart offers three locations for virtual offices in Shanghai including Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue which won the Asia Pacific Property Award for Interior Design.