At Jumpstart we are extremely pleased at the way we’ve placed ourselves in the most advantageous position in Shanghai. We have managed to be located in the most conspicuous and spacious locations in the city. Our central locations place us exactly where the flow of human traffic and products converge and our doors are never closed from the constant stream of customers who come in and out of our doors. You can also be one of them if you are really serious about creating a presence in Shanghai.

Fully Staffed and Fully Serviced Offices

You don’t have to worry about who to employ or what type of rooms you want to have built and decorated. There’s no need for you to mull over who will look after the needs of customers who walk through the room. If you’re worried about what kind of internet connectivity you should have, forget it because it’s already in place. Are you concerned about where to hold a meeting or video conferencing? Don’t fret as this has also been taken care of. At Jumpstart we think of everything!

The issues that you may be concerned with

There’s always merit in thinking ahead and planning for what may happen. It is equally wise to pre-empt what you can reasonably visualize as something that may happen and take appropriate action. At Jumpstart we have been conditioned through trial and error to visualize everything and find suitable solutions. Being centrally located takes care of many problems like accessibility to minor and major transportation routes, proximity to customers, ease of access to other businesses and best of all superb offices that are fully serviced and fully manned.

We provide all the solutions you require

If you are experiencing the doubts which have been listed above then it’s about time you looked at your issues from our perspective. All our Jumpstart offices have been carefully placed so they are located at places that can be leveraged for the greatest benefit. All the three business centres at Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue have all been deliberately and strategically placed. The locations give the greatest leverage in capturing the interests of potential customers.

Contact us

If you also want your business to be strategically placed for capturing the attention of potential customers, ring us now on (8621) 6157 5157 or email [email protected] for a free quote and see how fast we can provide you with one of our serviced offices.