There are many reasons why one company needs a short term office. On the positive side, one might be: starting off a new project and the project last for a few months only; in a state of rapid growth so you don’t know how big an office you will need in 6 or 12 months and at the same time you don’t want to waste the space before you can fill it up; simply a temporary space while the original is getting a makeover; entering a new city and you want to see how it goes before making a long-term committment. On the contrary, one might need short-term office for: uncertainty in the business so one can only commit for a short period; number of workforce will shrink and wants to save rent when the space is no longer needed.

For most buildings and landlords in Hong Kong, a normal office lease term is 3 years. It seems long for the pace the world is moving nowadays especially if you fall into one of the situations above. But for whatever reason, there is a solution, and that is serviced offices. Serviced offices are fully fitted offices specialized in short-term commitments. Term can be as short as 1 month but the most common terms are 6 and 12 months. Usually, the longer the commitment, the lower the price. They are ready to use office spaec with both Internet and phones/phonelines ready. As the name ‘serviced office” implies, service is included. There will be receptionists greeting your guests, do your everyday mail handling and call answering. They also make sure the office is running properly and smoothly. It is very similar to a hotel. Most people don’t lease a house when they are travelling for vacation, you go to a hotel. Now for a company, you can go to a serviced office.

At Jumpstart, we not only provide serviced offices but our serviced offices are one of the best. All of our serviced offices in Hong Kong and Shangahi are located in CBD area and well-known reputable buildings. Design and facilities are world-class and our service teams are well-trained, friendly and multi-lingual. Jumpstart is also known to be one of the most flexible serviced office provider. We are happy to setup the office the way you want so it best suits your business operations.

If you are looking for short term office leasing in Hong Kong or Shanghai, give us a call at +852 2961 4888 or email [email protected].