At Jumpstart we are exceedingly proud of our Shanghai virtual offices, not only because of their ideal locations in the prime areas of the city, but also for the kind of services they render clients. In particular, the newest location at L’Avenue Shanghai deserves special mention as being located in one of the highest profile buildings in Shanghai. Another special feature of our virtual offices is that all can skyrocket your company image at a very low cost. If you want to get noticed by the Shanghai business community let us assist by providing you with an impeccably prepared virtual office.

The provided services are immensely important

It is true that location plays a major part in the success of a business but even more, the services that a business offers are far more crucial. When you decide to use one of our colossal virtual offices, you can say goodbye to your mail handling problems as we will attend to it and ensure that what we do with your mail conforms entirely with your wishes. You can also forget about taking phone calls as we will take all incoming phone calls and push the buttons under your direction for making outward calls. To cap everything off, we can also deal with your fax messaging including other services you want done.

Superb quality front desk attendance

Personnel attending your front desk are the best in the business with no equal anywhere in the world. They are immaculately attired for their particular roles and have been coached in the art of public relations, etiquette and person to person communication techniques. They are above all multi lingual so that they can effectively deal with the different nationalities of your clients and make communication easier and faster for the benefit of all concerned. To top it all off, the IT system in our virtual offices can deal accurately and efficiently with all you mail, calls and faxes. Just relax and let us do it all.

All this at a very reasonable cost

Our standard practice is to charge our clients with the fairest and most realistic cost that is devoid of any frills and hidden charges. What we charge is the actual and most competitive price around that is directly based on the quality of services that we provide our customers. We will avoid charging clients unrealistic and inflated charges just for the sake of reaching a higher figure that does not reflect the quality of our services. The other most enticing part of our charging method is that the whole charge is contained in a single charge that reflects the quality of services provided, no more no less.

Contact us

If you want your presence felt in Shanghai and anywhere else for that matter, a virtual office is the way to go. Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 for our free quote and we will provide you with a perfect virtual office.