If you want to be where all the action is in terms of business enrichment, then you’d better start thinking about having a presence in a city such as Shanghai. Reputed to be the product of intense development it has indeed justified its creation by becoming the topmost city in China and being the most prosperous in the world. At Jumpstart we took cognizance of these facts and have anchored ourselves in the midst of all the excitement and business activities that have gripped this city for many years. We also invite you to sample some of the delights even if you are not physically present.

A virtual office is the way to go

Developing a virtual business is a venture that has rewarded many entrepreneurs who, instead of actually implanting their businesses in a foreign city like Shanghai, have opted to use the services of our virtual offices. It is not a difficult undertaking to take part in since all you need is to decide in favour of using one of our virtual offices and you can immediately be provided with an exclusive business address at which you can be located by your counterparts and through which your mail and other information can be channelled.

Fully manned and efficient

The use of a virtual office will boost the growth of your business simply because the business environment you have created will exude efficiency, strong productivity and continuous growth for many years. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to lift a finger to contribute to such growth as all the work is done by virtual office staff working thousands of miles away while you are enjoying the comfort of your own office or even a game of golf. Our virtual staff will deal with your mail, phone calls and fax messaging plus many more services with thoroughness and efficiency.

The Benefit of opting for our virtual offices

The most obvious advantage for choosing one of our virtual offices in Shanghai or anywhere else for that matter is that Jumpstart is a well-known brand that has lots of expertise and popularity within the business community both in and out of the city. This means that we have an established presence and tying your name to us will also enhance your presence and popularity provided your business lives up to its reputation as being reliable and profitable. Any of our virtual offices will boost you company image at the least cost.

Contact us

Using one of virtual offices will boost the growth of your business from level of popularity that we currently enjoy. Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 for our free quote and become part of our virtual world.