To have an outreach for your company’s operations may be a perfect solution for your company. The competition may be proving to be too stiff at home and unwieldy; the profits may not be hitting expected heights or the expenses may be just too much. Perhaps it’s time to reach out and find breathing space and strength in another location and the Orient would be the right. Jumpstart has already created an impressive presence and we can help out. We have connections and know many companies and government agencies along with their functions and we provide top class serviced offices.

Office Renting is just too Much Hassle

If you are really serious about setting up shop in the Orient, the best way is to have someone you know as a contact. This is the easiest way of finding your way around a city like Shanghai and is a very important hurdle to clear before you can move forward. To think about renting an office to start you off is tantamount to business suicide. The pace is so fast, the competition fierce and transactions are in very high digits that a recouping company would be stifled out of existence. Go with the flow and start operating and making profits even before your competitors can blink!

But why choose a serviced office?

The question is pertinent and the simple answer is because a serviced office will outpace and outmanoeuvre a rental office by tenfold or more. You don’t have to think from the start and be confronted with so many hurdles that you wish you had taken advice and rang us to provide you with a fully serviced office. Renting an office in Shanghai would mean you have to find an owner and with millions of people in the city, that would be a daunting task to say the least. You’d have to train yourself the language; you’d have to find contacts; you’d have to find premise owners, hire a company secretary, register your company and before you know it, you find too many things to do in so little time you’re bound to throw in the towel.

A wise decision to take

To escape from such a harrowing predicament the only wise decision to take is to forego all the worries, stress and totally inconvenient idea of renting an office and opt for a facility that touts top class room settings, world class internet connections and conferencing equipment and multi lingual front desk receptionists. You don’t have to worry about a thing. For starting off your business in Shanghai, you will get all these for a single monthly charge. It is the best and only deal that will enable you to get a head start on your competitors. If this is the path you want to take, there is a very simple thing to do.

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