Looking for the most appropriate and efficient serviced office right now is the right thing to do especially if you intend to set up a business in Shanghai. However, you need to put your act together so that you do it right the first time, otherwise you might find yourself in deep water from which you may find it difficult to reach safety. At Jumpstart we offer you the best serviced offices you can find anywhere at a very affordable monthly rental. You will be charged only with the services you need and nothing more which means you get top value for your money.

Premium location adds to the value of our offices

Our serviced offices are located in premium locations in the city. We say premium because each of our business centres that house our serviced offices are placed in the most favourable locations in a totally business sense. All of them are placed where the transportation networks pass directly through either by road or by rail. They are also in close proximity to private transportation networks such as taxis and buses that means human traffic never ceases and where you find people, you also find thriving business in the form of buying and selling. Jumpstart offices are located where the action is.

The most affordable rental charge available

Many options are available for you to set up your business in Shanghai. You can attempt to procure the use of a privately owned premise. This in itself would incur a cost at the outset for renovation work in preparation for the transfer and accommodation of your products. So even before you start selling and earning something for your troubles, you are faced with costs. You may have to employ the services of a translator, you may need assistance for incorporating your business or you may need to know about the number of shareholders and directors required for your business.

Do it the easy way

Placing a lot of burden on your business at the very beginning is like putting the wrong foot forward and doing so may put you under more pressure than necessary. Do yourself a favour and let us bear the brunt of your problems by providing you with the proven efficiency and cost effective quality of one of our serviced offices. You will find it easier and more convenient for you if you opt to use one of our serviced offices at a very affordable all inclusive monthly rental than to attempt a start-up all on your own. Let us help you start on the right foot.

Contact us

The efficiency and convenience of our serviced offices will make it easy for you to start your business with the least hassle and worry. Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 for a free quote and allow us to help you.