With so many businesses, schools, sporting activities and special occasions all squeezed into the city of Shanghai with its teeming millions, hectic and pressurized situations are often the norm. This state of affairs can often lead to the lack of spare space where people can have special meetings. Thanks to Jumpstart’s innovative idea of meeting rooms, the situation has been alleviated and its meeting rooms are now commonly used by urban customers who want to have meetings in quiet, world class meeting rooms.

A Myriad of Useful Purposes

Surprisingly enough, Jumpstart does not only provide the rooms for meetings, the type of meetings that it can accommodate are varied in nature pointing to a fondness for versatility which is the hallmark of the company. You will find people hosting a series of meetings for a single group for a number of groups at the same time. A conference is sometimes convened in these delightful facilities. It is no unusual to see a seminar or two also held within the comfort of the well furnished rooms. For an encore, the rooms are also common venues for training sessions on different subjects.

The locations are monumental

Again, because of the centralized location of Shanghai as the major commercial hub of China, if follows that Jumpstart’s meeting rooms, being located within Shanghai are also part of the overall centrality of the city though not geographically so. The first meeting room of note is one located in the Wheelock Square which is the newest and tallest building in Puxi, Shanghai. To complement it is the meeting room located in the Central Plaza, only a stone throw away from and can be accessed via the subway network. Last but not least houses three top class meeting rooms and a seminar room.

High-end facilities all the way

The total of nine meeting rooms in Shanghai are all endowed with high-end facilities that are hard to beat anywhere. Their very high quality offers the best product to clients that are usually very demanding and of exquisite taste. The world class and wide LCD TV screens offer the best in presentation facilities that magnetizes the attention of listeners and viewers that attend such meetings. Internet connections are extremely fast, secure and dependable and can be used to copy and upload presentations for transmission anywhere in the world.

Contact us

Should you find yourself in need of a meeting room for your specific purpose, all you have to do is ring us on +8621 6157 5157 for a free quote and meeting of your own choosing shall be at your disposal.