Sometimes the city of Shanghai can become so entangled in its business dealings, most of the building spaces become clogged up with many entrepreneurs, shoppers and people looking for free office space for holding a meeting or a conference. At Jumpstart we know just how urgent your situation can be, after all, we’ve been at this business for many years and we know that available office space can be difficult to find. This is the very reason why we have included meeting rooms as indispensable part of our services that we offer clients.

Ideal fully furnished meeting rooms

Really top class meeting rooms are hard to come by in Shanghai especially at very affordable prices but at Jumpstart we offer both and more. We can provide several excellent meeting rooms in our Shanghai offices that will satisfy you needs. The rooms are fully furnished with custom made furniture that will meet your needs for convenience and comfort. Their very styling and appearance will appeal to your taste of elegance and utility that will fulfil the expectations of the participants that attend the meeting or conference.

Exceptional telecom facilities

The success of a meeting or conference depends on the quality and availability of communication facilities for local and overseas contacting. Here again Jumpstart excels itself by providing top notch technologies that make our meeting rooms exceptionally efficient in attending to both your needs and those of those participating during the meeting or conference. Our internet communications system is world class with continuous and instant access to the internet for contacting anyone, anywhere in the world at any time you need to make contact.

Highly modern and updated technologies

The conferencing network and facilities provided by Jumpstart equals or comparable to those provided for similar office accommodation anywhere. Our systems ensure that your meeting or conference is held with the best indoor communication appliances you’d find anywhere. The video conferencing provided ensures instantaneous awareness of what is taking place and the people responsible for making them happen. The data network provided makes sure that the right king of data is available for use during conferencing discussions. Jumpstart can provide what you need.

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We can provide you with the most modern and efficient meeting rooms in all of China so don’t procrastinate. Simply ring us right now on 8621 6157 5157 for a free quote and a meeting room will be yours for sure.