There is an increasing amount of interest in expanding one’s company in China, one of the upcoming business hubs in the world. One of the common concerns most people face with setting up a business in China is the regulation within the country. The strict government regulation on foreigners setting up companies and businesses in China proves to be one of the major deterring factors.

Another common concern most people face is the additional costs that come with the physical components of setting up a business and the time needed to get everything together. Costs like the purchasing of furniture, the employing of staffs that speak the local language; the maintenance of the equipment and office space, etc., not forgetting the additional bills that might be incurred.

The simplest solution to all such concerns would be to rent a serviced office. A serviced office is basically a space that a company rents that is in a prime location with furniture, front desk staff, maintenance and all such requirements provided. There are many companies that provide such services and we at Jumpstart aims to expel any concerns you may have for your office space.

Also, we understand that time might be an issue so we pride ourselves in being as transparent and upfront about what you are getting so that you can set up your business more quickly using one of our Shanghai Serviced Office. We provide customable options that cater specifically to your needs and save you time, effort and money.

One of our new premises is at the prime location of Wheelock Square at Nanjing Xi Lu. A tall stylish looking skyscraper, the designs of the office space feature a state-of-the-art minimalistic feel that presents a professional image. Surrounded by an array of shopping malls, top of the line hotels, entertainment, and within walking distance from the Metro lines, the location is easily accessible and prominent, thereby increasing the impressions of your business.

We are also aware of some of the issues that will arise setting up a business in China. For example, the issue with the restrictions of Internet use in China. To counter that issue, the wireless Internet we provide, via a land line from Hong Kong, allows one to access websites, like Facebook and YouTube, which can be helpful especially with the increase usage of social media as an advertising platform for businesses.

With all that said, we at Jumpstart understand that you may still have many concerns, so do drop us an enquiry and we will offer you the best advice you will receive. We look forward to a propitious endeavor with you.