The very thought of owning a virtual office in Hong Kong far away from your main business complex in New York city, London, Amsterdam, Melbourne or Auckland is certainly something to think seriously about. There are so many uncertainties, many financial impacts like expenses and drains on your profit margin. All the downsides of setting up another office at some other location and this is natural enough for the careful businessman or company. But are there any upsides? There certainly are and the presence of Jumpstart’s virtual offices in Hong Kong is definitely the best of them.

Jumpstart to the rescue

Our main virtual office in Hong Kong can be found in a dual tower complex known as the Times Square Tower 2. The building is one of the main features of Hong Kong’s skyline between Matheson Street and the Canal Road Flyover, well in sight of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. It is a truly a magnificent panoramic view. Jumpstart’s business centre is housed in this 46 storey building within easy access to the largest shopping mall on the island. It is strategically placed within the transportation milieu of the area that provides quick transportation anywhere.

What are the benefits for the client?

First off the cuff is the availability of a distinctive and professional business address and the sorting, forwarding and general handling of a client’s mails. Next is the amazingly low costs involved which detract nothing but adds more to the logistics of having the business centre where it is right now. It costs 30% less than many similar offices available in Central. The usual single monthly rental payments also apply to our virtual offices decked with the latest furnishings similar to those for our serviced offices but of course less costly. Staff workers provided by Jumpstart are totally professional in their manners, attire and speech and are usually multi-lingual.

Contact us

Without detracting from offering similar excellence in our other business centres, we pride ourselves in being the best provider of virtual office accommodation in Shanghai. If you agree with this view, we invite you to ring us on +852 2961 4888 or email us at [email protected] and we will show you why we are the best.