Whether in Hong Kong, Taipei, London or Shanghai, all our serviced offices offer exactly the same quality and excellence. The locations never compromise the par excellence our offices offer in every aspect but rather add to the flawless settings and range of services. Our offices in Shanghai are the ultimate in furnishings and staffing standards. With a floor space occupancy of more than 100,000 sq. feet in premier user space, we are in the top listing for business development and growth.

The ultimate in design, layout and décor

The world class qualities of our serviced offices in Shanghai are reflected by our Central Plaza business centre, which also happens to be placed in the most convenient business spot in all of Shanghai. As such it has been a converging point to many notably large international and multinational companies. It has also become the most popular choices for many foreign businessmen and business that target overseas countries for selling their products. It is located in an area flooded by surges of tourist visitors who add impetus to the business activities of the area giving a boost to local businesses which fuel the overall economic performance of the country.

Excellent transport availability

In any context, transportation features as the crucial medium for conveying people to different destinations. This is no exception for our Central Plaza which has access to fast and reliable transportation networks. By virtue of its location immediately above the Line 1 Subway Line, all that staff and customers have to do is to move downstairs to be speeded away to different destinations. The area is alive with the presence of malls and shopping districts and taxis are on call everywhere. It is a busy hive of people entering and exiting buildings at a rapid pace only to be whisked away at an equal pace to some other place of interest.

What about the office facilities?

As already mentioned, the facilities in the Central Plaza Shanghai belie nothing about the extraordinary quality Jumpstart offers in this particular business centre. Internet connection is superb; the networking is Cisco backed; the phones and private VLAN is available for each customer; the office floor space is fully furnished with exquisite furnishing designs and styles for desks, tables, screens, filing cabinets and many more. It’s akin to walking through a self-help grocery store and being personally offered the very best of what’s available, as you feast your eyes on the other goodies laid out before your eyes and what’s more the price is just right!. We simply and honestly believe we are the best around Shanghai city way.

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