There can be many different reasons why an entrepreneur like you would want to establish a business presence in a city like Hong Kong. It may be you are thinking to expand your company’s market; it may be that you are looking for the best way to avoid paying exorbitant rental rates or you are simply looking for a perfect start for your own privately owned company. The reason why is the least of our worry because whatever they are, we can provide you with your business gateway. We can provide you with an extremely elegant, fully furnished and affordable serviced office.

Setting up your company

The perfect way to operate a start-up business in Hong Kong is to hop into the best serviced office immediately and to start trading as quickly as you can to beat the competition. In this dynamic oriental business hub, neither time nor competitors will give ground. It’s every business for itself and if you want to enter the business arena, the right frame of mind to adopt is to think fast, act fast follow the business rhythm and go with the flow. Jumpstart is there for you to make these precise and necessary steps so you can start raking in the profits ahead of your competitors.

Renting can be a problem

Like real estate owners anywhere, those in Hong Kong are perhaps the most opportunistic and if they know you are desperate to get started in operating your business, they will demand the highest possible rates for your start up. Most of the rented buildings are not tailor made for immediate use and may be exactly in the wrong location, away from the flow of both vehicles and human traffic and located away from main supply routes especially for office supplies and inventory. Jumpstart can solve these problems for you with its ideally located business centres that house its serviced offices.

Boosting sales of a parent company

There will always be a sense of urgency if you are trying to set up a branch for a parent company back home. Getting yourself bogged down in paper work, registrations, legal wrangles, rental rates not to mention the language from the word go, It’s not going to help your parent company one bit. In fact, it will only serve to stifle any potential profit that your branch has set itself to achieve in Hong Kong. You need to very careful and when you start your branch and the best way to go is to seek the assistance of an expert like Jumpstart who knows the ropes around Hong Kong.

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