Making the best choice that would benefit your business and help it grow can be a daunting step to take. This is so since you will be leaving the safety of your own turf and venturing out into strange territory. You have to contend with a different language, complicated procedures, laws and regulations, climate, different preferences and demand trends and many more. This is the reason why it is expedient to enlist the assistance of a veteran provider like Jumpstart so you can make the best choice possible for the good of your business.

The best qualified staff in town

Providing office accommodation and premium floor space to customers is a demanding occupation that requires thorough knowledge of businesses and their requirements. One of the key considerations is the qualification of staff that will man the office. At Jumpstart we make sure our staff members are professionals with the right credentials for the tasks they need to perform. This applies to the Centre Manager down to the caterers and cleaners. Every task is regarded at the professional level and everyone should work and behave in a professional manner.

Top notch office interiors

Our serviced offices in Hong Kong are well known for their décor and elegance while they provide comfort in a relaxed working environment. The interiors of our offices offer users balanced hues and tones that match that are attractive to view and enjoyable to use. The lighting brings out the best in the painted walls and the exposed surfaces of tables and equipment such as printers, faxes and computers. Everything in the room is in total accord with the tone of the whole room. You only have to take one glimpse to note the degree of care and attention given to our office rooms.

Especially fully furnished rooms

The furnishings in our serviced offices are top class with selection made from the latest designs and materials. Jumpstart’s choice of furniture is based on style and durability to ensure furniture is agreeable in appearance and can last a long period of time without showing signs of deterioration. We procure all our furniture from the most reliable sources and make sure that they have no obvious flaws prior to being installed. Our tables in particular are custom made to fit into the rooms perfectly with sufficient space along the sides and ends for users to move about.

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