When setting up a business, there is a great need to secure a decent and practical office location to start dealing with customers and clients. Often times, these locations are in capital cities – making rent quite high and thus not affordable for small businesses. Fortunately, there is such a thing as serviced offices which make office renting way much easier.

The main problem with trying to put up an office is the cost of doing so. Commitments for lease will run up to about 25 years – leaving small time business owners no choice but to stick to the location they initially rented out. Add to that the hassle of trying to get references and guarantors to finally close the leasehold. Business owners also need to shell out deposits and ensure that the office meets minimum size requirements. Apart from that, there is also a need to invest in machines, equipments and other office supplies which depreciate over time. Business owners also need to hire and source out people for the support team.

On the other hand, if business owners make use of serviced offices, there is no need to be stuck in the same location for a quarter of a decade! Serviced offices offer very flexible time frames – with some having contracts available for daily, monthly and yearly rentals. Everything a business needs is already supplied by serviced offices including support staff, office equipments, furniture and even access to meeting rooms with the latest in video and voice call conferencing, fast and reliable internet connection and complimentary coffee and tea for the guests!

Small time business owners can move in immediately upon signing the contract without having to worry of setting up everything from scratch. Serviced offices are also located in prime areas – usually in major cities where rent can be unbelievably high. For a small business in need of a decent location in London, business owners would have to shell out around £106.68 per square foot! The good thing about it is that serviced offices are usually cheaper compared to renting out a certain location by one’s self. Most fees, like that offered at Jumpstart are all inclusive – with no hidden charges or surprising per person charges. Even big businesses and multinational companies are looking into serviced offices for their satellite offices!

Jumpstart also has serviced offices located in rising Asian markets such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.