We are not hyping when we say our serviced office facilities in Hong Kong are renowned for their world class facilities and equipment. Needless to say, these qualities are featured in all of our serviced offices no matter where they are located, whether in the UK, Korea Shanghai or Beijing. At Jumpstart we also pride ourselves in the elegance and décor of our serviced offices. The furnishings are a special treat for customers who opt to experience them and they do provide excellent feedbacks.

Great first class furniture for elegance and comfort

We enlist the services of the very best furniture provider in the land who manufacture the best and latest designs and styles of furniture. Furniture hue is all important as we want the colour of our furniture to blend in harmoniously with the existing colour of our office walls, fixtures and carpet. A blending approach provides users and buyers with smooth and agreeable surroundings in which to work. They have to be strong and durable for withstanding consistent use and their comfort must be unmatched to use for both leisure and work.

All rooms are decked with top quality furniture

We are not talking about only one special room here but several rooms that need to be furnished well for the use and comfort of customers. At Jumpstart our business centres house a variety of different rooms each with a specific function. We have our standard serviced office, we also have neo suites that are large rooms with glass-partitioned manager room or meeting room inside the suite. ?All these rooms need furniture that are not only durable and comfortable but also the most modern that blend in with the general décor and elegance of each room.

Enticing hues with precise room arrangements

Being upend office rooms arranged and equipped for maximum performance and comfort, each room? is also equipped and furnished to facilitate the kind of function and purpose each room will be used for. All office rooms are decked with the latest upend furniture and equipment that flawlessly function to fulfil the needs of customers. Each room is covered with elegant hues that bring out the best in professional performance and efficiency.

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