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The most beautiful and credible looking offices need not be expensive. Forget about conventional office renting which can cost you a lot of money and hassle! Why not opt for a serviced office instead? A significant number of companies nowadays make use of serviced offices. Serviced offices have become a more and more popular choice for lots of growing businesses and for a good reason.

Unlike the conventional type of office rental, serviced offices save you from the headache and the hassle of starting from scratch. It’s not like you still have to get your hands on sourcing, training and other stressful activities brought about by setting up an office. Serviced offices can provide you all that minus the hassle and in no time.

Jumpstart provides fully furnished and staffed serviced offices in prime locations. We currently operate over 100,000 square feet of serviced office space in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Serviced Offices in Hong Kong

Covering landmark buildings across Hong Kong, Jumpstart offers a variety of high-quality serviced offices suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.

Serviced Offices in Shanghai

Jumpstart offers three world-class serviced offices in Shanghai including the winner of the Best Office Interior in China 2013 – L’Avenue.

Serviced Offices in Singapore

A major financial hub of Asia, Singapore is home to many international and regional headquarters. Look into this serviced office in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Serviced Offices in Taipei

Together with Hong Kong and China, Taipei forms the Greater China market that no businesses can afford to ignore. Our serviced office here can help you grow into the city.

Serviced Offices in Seoul

Seoul has quickly and greatly build itself as a top business center of Asia. Serviced office here can speed up the process to capture this immense potential.

Serviced Offices in London

The business of serviced offices originates from London, today the serviced office market in London is very matured providing users not only with great offices but also impeccable services and prices.

Why Choose a Jumpstart Serviced Office?

All of our serviced offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai provide world-class facilities and equipment. The most important facility in serviced offices today is the Internet connection. Without Internet, almost all business functions come to a halt. So at our serviced office locations, we provide fast and reliable connections. We utilize Cisco networking equipment, meaning you can expect the most reliable network with extra data security. Server rooms in most locations are equipped with uninterrupted power supply (UPS), 24-hour air conditioning, anti-static raised floors and FM200 fire-safety solutions to make sure your connection to the Internet is always available.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Shanghai are not just about hardware, though. Our highly trained front desk staffs are multi-lingual and greet your guests in a friendly and professional manner. Each serviced office location is looked after by a Centre Manager whose job is to make sure that every tenant’s request is taken care of and every part of the business centre is running smoothly. Jumpstart’s expert in-house IT support staff take care of any questions or issues you may have with our equipment as well as your own.

Last but not least are the locations of our serviced offices. Jumpstart only chooses the best buildings and locations, so even if you are not familiar with the city, you can be sure that your serviced office will be professional and presentable to your clients, suppliers and employees.

Some of Our Renowned Clients

Having an office in a prime business district location will no longer be a dream. With Jumpstart serviced offices, initial investment and the hassles of developing your very own office are all history. Jumpstart serviced offices only require a monthly service fee inclusive of all an office needs including internet connection and telecommunication, installation of internet and telecommunication and beverage and refreshments for you and your guests. Jumpstart serviced offices are located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. The serviced offices are very much accessible and easy to locate as they are housed only in high end and popular buildings in the city.

Aside from prime location, another advantage that you’d have when availing of Jumpstart serviced offices is the flexible lease agreement. Unlike five year long contracts in office rent outs, Jumpstart serviced offices allow for short term leases and don’t even charge for exit cleaning.

Each Jumpstart serviced office is furnished with basic office facilities and furniture. The office facilities and furniture are pretty much high quality – ensuring only the best for your business, guests and clients. Fast, reliable and secure internet connection is available for you to use anytime. Aside from these facilities, you can also make use of Jumpstart’s highly competent staffs who can help you in any way they can. Most of the staffs are multilingual, making receiving and guiding internationals guests and clients an easy task to perform. The staff can even assist you in giving welcome drinks to your guests and clients as well as answer phone calls. For technical problems that you might encounter, Jumpstart’s IT staff will be more than glad to be of help. All of the staff are all academically equipped and practically trained to run offices.

Serviced offices at Jumpstart are basically hassle free business solutions. There is nothing like a positive and lasting first impression when it comes to doing business. The reputable and prime location will most definitely command attention in whatever business industry you are involved in. Sooner or later, clients and guests will start flocking in and be amazed with your business office. With competent multilingual staffs, modern furniture, top of the line facilities and prime location, your business will surely start booming with Jumpstart serviced offices.

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