Any entrepreneur who ventures out to sample the business pace of the Orient would be out of league if he/she didn’t anticipate that any success would depend on quick entry and an immediate participation in trading activities. This is the only way to succeed as any delays would be very costly. At Jumpstart we’ve seen businesses fold because of this failure in entering the Chinese market quickly and in immediately conducting business. The slow starters often get left behind but smart start-up businesses often succeed simply by heeding this basic rule.

A start-up that’s quick of the mark usually makes it

Make no mistakes about establishing your business with someone like Jumpstart which knows the ropes about operating a business in Shanghai. Most entrepreneurs that venture out to China are usually confronted by major obstacles such as the different language, customs and business ethics and many more. Jumpstart can shortcut many of these unsettling steps with its vast knowledge of business dealings and ethics in China. Smart entrepreneurs usually succeed because they get in and start immediately and the only way they can that is by opting for a fully functional serviced office.

Guaranteed success can be yours

There’s absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain if you opt for one of our serviced offices in Shanghai. By doing so, you are almost halfway to your goal since you now possess a fully functional office and all you need to do is put your act together and take part in the throbbing business hub that waits for no one. For the record, you will have access to top class furniture such as a desk, wall partitioning for privacy and comfortable and easy to use furniture for your personal comfort. This is perhaps the most important amenities you will get once you move in.

Private and working communicating capability

You don’t only get great furniture that gives you comfort but you also have access to private communicating channels via the IP Phones that are provided to every user. The phones enable private as well as working connections which in itself enhances efficiency and time saving. And guess what once you opt for one of our serviced offices in Shanghai you automatically avail yourself of our free call and answering service as well as a free service for the receipt and dissemination of mail. These are great complementary services that are also part of the deal.

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You win hands down if you opt to operate from one of our serviced offices in Shanghai. Just ring us now on (8621) 6157-5157 for our free quote.