At Jumpstart we are absolutely convinced we provide the most efficient office space anywhere in Shanghai, not to mention all our other office sites in various parts of the world. However, even though our offices are the best, you can be the owner or operator of one at the fraction of the cost of any other offer you are tempted with. We say this with total sincerity and you only have to walk into one of our Shanghai serviced offices to realize that everything we claim to be so is in fact the case. We can offer you the best of the best.

What about the cost of the awesome office space?

Many clients often pose this question to us and as always the truthful answer we provide them send them reeling with wonder. The next really big question they ask is: “How can that be?” They wonder how such superb looking offices can be so reasonably priced. Of course our answer is always the same. We tell them that for quality, they get the best there is on the market no more, no less. We are intimately familiar with what quality is all about and at what price that quality should be offered fairly to clients. Of course we make a profit but you get top of the town quality at a very fair price.

We do everything the front desk

We excel not only in providing serviced offices in Shanghai, we also know how to man it with our main focus on the front desk where our clients including you make their first approach the minute they enter the front door. Our front desk staff members are maestros of public relations. Their attire is impeccable, their speech is crystal clear and polite followed up by courteous demeanour and the finest welcoming manner. The courtesy and immaculate appearance of our front desk staff is in fact one of the reasons why so many visitors come to our front door.

The cost for top quality is monthly

We know all about the hassles involved in paying different costs for different types of services rendered and we have improved on this. Instead of itemizing all the different top quality services and facilities we can offer you, we embody the whole cost into one simple and easily manageable monthly cost. Of course, our professional staff will provide you with a rundown of the different costing elements and you’d be surprised at the level of each individual cost. We are thorough, honest and fair in all our dealing with clients.

Contact us

If you truly desire the best in a serviced office, don’t hesitate but simply ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 for our free quote an impeccable serviced office can be yours on the ring tone.