If you can just imagine the size of the market that exists in China, you’d be one of the very first to choose to go there for business reasons plus other motivations. It is a country of billions. Yes billions and its most populated and dynamic city of Shanghai has been the scene of colossal development and expansion during the past 10 years. Yes there is a lull but Shanghai is still vibrant, welcoming and certainly enriching provided you know how to tap its wealth.

A site that will excite your feelings

A truly beautiful site that meets the eyes not only excites the feelings but actually makes you heart beat with excitement and yearning to see more. This is exactly the kind of reaction that our serviced offices in Shanghai and elsewhere create in our clients who walk through our doors. The site that first meets visitors’ gaze upon opening our office is one of impeccable décor, a soft hue of colours that reflect the light and gives the counter area a magical appearance. It’s a truly exceptional experience that entices many customers to enter.

Totally professional help from the front counter

We aspire to offer the most enticing front we can muster and one way we do this is by making our employees who attend our front counters to adopt a most pleasing and pleasant presence. They are impeccably dressed to match the surrounding room colours. The lights enhance the form and colour of their uniform. They are multi-lingual and well-spoken with an uncanny ability in making guests feel at ease while their needs are being attended to.

Diversity and uniformity are inseparable features

When you walk into a room that’s well furnished with walls that match the atmosphere of that particular room your sense of curiosity leads you to look for more of the matching appearance. You won’t be disappointed at Jumpstart because here, our preference is for diversity and uniformity at the same time. Each office manned by professionals attired in similar uniform yet are different individuals in their own right. Each room is different yet blends in with the appearance of the entire office.

Contact us

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