A professional business image is one that all business owners seek. Professionalism can be seen in various aspects of a business but one that is immediately seen in terms of the business’ office.

Creating an office which emits a professional image can be quite tiring. Business owners need to take into account a lot of factors. Professional looking business offices need to be located in business districts in the heart of the city. Business owners who are looking to establish offices in Hong Kong are often overwhelmed at the price tags of leasing office locations. Add to it the half a decade to decade-long lease contracts which ties up the business to the location for several years and business owners are sent packing.

There is a solution for business owners who are not giving up the idea of establishing a professional office in Hong Kong. The solution comes in the form of serviced offices. Unlike conventional office set-up, a serviced office does not bog down a business with decade-long lease contracts. In fact, business owners can simply opt to rent out a serviced office for a month or so!

Serviced offices are also very much all-in. This means that for a fixed monthly fee, everything that a professional office needs from prime location to complimentary tea and coffee is already paid for! For businesses which are just starting out, availing of a serviced office can very well be the most logical and cost-effective way to get the business running.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Hong Kong are one of the best choices for small and big businesses alike. Our serviced office comes with all professional office essentials such as top of the line office equipment, prime location and excellent staffing and customer service.

Serviced offices in Hong Kong by Jumpstart already include stable and fast internet connection, Cisco networking equipment, server rooms and an in-house IT and support team to guide you in difficulties and problems you might encounter.

Our serviced offices are also situated in prime business locations which can most definitely bring along that professional image your business has been meaning to have. Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Hong Kong are located in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong. Contact us to get a quote on our fixed all-in monthly fees for the best serviced offices available in Hong Kong today!