When someone mentions Hong Kong the name automatically calls to mind a single, small island just over a thousand kilometres, studded with high rise apartment and office buildings where nearly 8 million people live and work. In the midst of this pulsating business hub and non-stop flow of traffic and pedestrians, you will find our business centres joining in the exciting rush and buzz of business. We have established a strong business presence in Hong Kong at 4 prime locations.

No distractions from start to finish

The most remarkable aspect of our services in Hong Kong as in all our other centres, is we can set you up in any one of our 4 business centres with the least disturbance to your on-going business. No major uprooting and re-establishing is necessary. Our 100,000 square feet of serviced office space in Asia can accommodate your needs. Our approach is so completely professional we can help you set up shop with a minimum of hassle. We will provide you with the office floor space, thoroughly efficient connections via the internet, supplies and stationary. We will supply every piece of equipment and utensil you need to make a start right away. You will have absolutely no distractions whatsoever.

An amazingly low monthly rate

We invite you, in connection with our Hong Kong serviced offices, to carefully consider these cost oriented features of our service. First off and perhaps the most important is you do are not billed for any internet connectivity charges per person like you get elsewhere. Monthly phone charges just do not apply with us and when you phone has been set up and running you get no bills monthly bills for their maintenance and upkeep. It is totally free for you to walk into our fully equipped and fully operational offices plus not even a hint of any admin charges. At Jumpstart we simply do not charge anything for beverages. It’s all packed in a truly all-inclusive monthly charge.

Experience galore

We, at Jumpstart, have been in this game for so many years, all the procedures and nuances of the business are truly at our fingertips. We have become adept at foreseeing and hence can pre-empt appropriate action to modify or even nullify the effects of negative events on us and our clients. There is no other safer business environment than that which we operate in and you will equally benefit from our professional acumen in the business of providing serviced offices. Many of our existing clients can vouch for our world class offices and the extremely efficient services they offer. Our Hong Kong offices are no exception and we invite you to do what any interested customer would do.

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